Update: August 2013

Hello students,

As of right now, the Design Club is taking a hiatus this fall for lack of interest. …

We had a great group of students the last 2 years, but it doesn’t seem like the club is taking off.

If you are interested, please contact me by email, hopkinsk@palmbeachstate.edu or stopping by my office, HU 123.

All the best, Professor Hopkins


Field Trip?

Anyone want to go hear two GREATS in Graphic Design? Steven Heller and Louise Fili?

In Miami, Friday night.


UPDATE: Meeting.

No meeting this week, folks.

Meeting next week, March 22 at 11 a.m. See you then! We will have an informal feedback session on your book cover designs.

LUNCH meeting tomorrow!


We are meeting in the courtyard by the fountain at 11:30 for our Lunch Meeting. Bring your lunch, camera and be sure to sign up on the Art House Coop page for “The Meal”

Reminder: Lake Worth Sidewalk Chalk Festival this weekend! Meeting at 2 p.m. SUNDAY in front of the downtown Lake Worth Post Office on Lucerne Ave and J St.

See ya soon.

Design Challenge 2.0

Alright! It’s time for Design Challenge, Round 2! There was some great work from our first challenge. Hopefully you guys learned some things.

Now it’s time to step it up a notch. For this next challenge, you’re gonna have to ignore the age old saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Because that is exactly what we are doing.

So crack open a book and design it a new cover.
Some things to remember!
1) A book cover includes the back and the spine!
2) While there are no rules to what book you choose, it may be easier and more interesting to do a fictional book than rather than a non-fiction.
3) Have fun and challenge yourself! If you don’t have a favorite book, go to the library and check out a book! Or check out this list of bestsellers!

The crit for this project will be March 1st. Thats 2 meetings from now!
Some book inspiration:

Meeting Notes: 2/08/13

6 students present + Faculty advisor
Old Business:
-Design Challenge due this meeting
New Business:
-Design Challenge Critque
  -3 Students presented + faculty advisor
-New Design Challenge issued
  -Book cover redesign
  -Due March 1st (4 Weeks)
-Next Meeting will be held outside
  -We will be participating in The Meal sponsored by the Art House Co-op
  -Sign up by February 21st
  -Meet 11:30-12:30. Bring Lunch!
-Feburary 24th Lake Worth Sidewalk Chalk festival. 2:00pm in front of the post office

Meeting tomorrow!

Bring in your sketches for our Design Challenge! Looking forward to seeing them.

11 a.m. in HU 128.

Design Challenge

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This week begins our first design challenge! The theme of this challenge is Hand Drawn Typography.


Typography is defined as The art or process of setting and arranging types. (Source) So your challenge this week is to choose a word or a phrase, even a quote, and letter it by hand. The only rule is that this challenge is to be done entirly offline. No computer involvement except to scan and email it todesignclubpbsc@gmail.com


Our critique will be at the next meeting, Friday February 8th. Be sure to email a copy before the critique so we can display your work on the projector!

For more inspiration check out this video about Eric Waetzig
Also, our designspiration for this week, Daily Dishonesty, is a great source for inspiration. She also has a post abut her process here.
For more inspiration, be sure to check out Abduzeedo’s Typography Mania Archive

Meeting notes

Meeting notes 01/25/13

8 Students

-Old Business
-Club Sketchbook
Elisa has sketchbook. Will exchange with Lauren in 2 weeks

-New Business
-Hand Drawn Typography
Daily Dishonesty

-Design Challenge
-Hand Drawn Typography
Based on weekly inspiration
Create typo without the use of digital tools.
Pens, Pencil & paper.
Email scan to designclubpbsc@gmail.com or message Design Club facebook

-PBSC Basketball Team Poster
-Interested parties should email Designclubpbsc@gmail.com for more info


Hey folks,

Meeting tomorrow! 11 a.m. HU 128.