Monday, April 11: Zoom meeting: Intro to Project 4: Travel Poster Design

Monday, April 18: Required email check in for Travel Poster Design

Monday, April 25: Zoom meeting: Critique and last class!

Design Project 4: Map it!

Summer Traveling

We all have a bucket list.. What is yours?

Use architectural or nature-based stock photography to create a series of 3 poster designs based on places you would like to visit OR are in our local community. They should be related – for example, “Kristin’s Favorite Florida Finds” or “Top 3 European Cities” or “Boynton Beach or Bust” 😉

Each designs must use: a photo (can be manipulated) + a vector-based texture/brush/pattern + innovative typography. (Photoshop + Illustrator)

Find a way to combine your love of typography, layout design, photo manipulation and vector-based imagery to advertise a place.

How do you promote a place? Create a sense of wanting to travel? To explore. Use local landmark buildings or natural spaces to highlight and evoke a mood.

The aesthetic should show both unity and variety and a clear narrative.

Check out this recent promotional publication designed for the new Rosemary Square and distributed through the Palm Beach Post this past fall – view PDF publication here. It’s a gorgeous combination of typography, compositional design, photography and illustrations.

In addition to designing a triptych, place your favorite in a billboard or sidewalk marquee mockup as part of your final campaign.

Deliverables: (3) 11×14″ .pdf poster design files + (1) 11×14″ pdf mockup photo in a location.


The Letters in Cities Project

Interesting photo + text:

another interesting photo + text

Mockup Resources:

This one even has animated options – Want to try it?


Society6 student pages

Hey students, great job on your Society6 pages! I really enjoyed seeing your work on different products.

Feel free to support or share!

Brittney Carrasquillo:

Nicole Carvalho:

Danny Dupiton:

Scharie Flores:

Dorsenley Joseph:

Nelson Marmolejos:

Jacqueline Pecker:

Jenny Puentes:

Josiah Ritzer:

Rae Sandy-Thomas:

Design Project 3: Gallery Branding

Gallery Showcase :

Objective: To highlight the HU Gallery and showcase the hard work of our fine art and graphic design students and faculty. Can include photos of the space, the building, student and faculty artwork – as well as open to other ideas you might have!

I think we need something that screams “fresh” and “artsy.” The typography should match the logo in modern aesthetic.

Brochure Design: Can use a 2 panel page/booklet or 3 panel brochure design, your choice! Think of something that could be given to potential students who would like to be in your shoes, studying art and design at PBSC.

YOU are the target audience!

Use photos and vector based deliverables.

Use PBSC logo and brand guidelines + previous gallery posters.

Click here to download files to work with (I will be adding more in the next few days, but start here)

Verbiage: The mission of the HU Gallery is to provide a professional exhibit space for students, faculty and the local art community to showcase their artwork. Regular shows include the Fine Arts Student Show, Graphic Design Student Show and Faculty New Works Exhibit. The HU Gallery produces 6-8 exhibits per year with additional rotating hallway exhibits.

Hours/contact info take from here :

Brochure Inspiration:

Brochure Design example 1

Brochure Design example 2

Brochure Design

Promotional Design example 4

Editorial Design

Art School Branding

Art School Identity System

Ad Campaign example

Visual Identity

InDesign help:

Watch these videos:

adobe indesign videos

beginning indesign + beginning indesign + newsletter

TIPS + HELP for formatting text

Use your favorite brochure template (OR create your OWN) in InDesign – there are many to choose from!

Timeline: due Monday, April 4

Monday, Feb. 28

Hello students!

Stumbled upon this reminder and thought about reminding you!

  • File uploads: jpg or png
  • Be sure to upload in RGB!

Pixel dimensions FOR ALL PRODUCTS very helpful

Great video: great reminder to think about orientation and what files are suited better to which products.

Moving forward into Phase Three you might want to consider, “Do I want to markup the product price?” or leave it at the default? This is entirely your choice. Here are the instructions for marking up.

And official stats on pricing are here:

Design Project 2: Let’s Sell your Stuff!

Explore your illustrative side to create, market and monetize your brand!

This brand could be a way to explore a new side of you, or could be inspired by another project that you did, but now are ready to expand upon.

Objective: Create a fully functioning and ready to sell Society6 page

  1. Phase One: Research. Read : and this “Start to Finish: How to Sell your Work on Society6
  2. Join Society6 for $1 – you will need to verify your identity through PayPal, industry standard.
  3. Upload a photo of you + link to your other social media
  4. Phase 2: Upload artwork
  5. Add Title, Descriptions, Tags
  6. Activate Products
  7. Phase 3 : Edit + Publish + Promote!

Your Society6 store should have a variety of consistent but different designs (4-5 minimum) as well as place them on 5-7 different kinds of products.

The products you choose are totally up to you – you can focus on one type of produce or experiment with how your design looks different on soft materials (textiles, tshirts, etc) vs. hard materials (tech, objects, etc.)

Decide what kind of products make sense for your aesthetic. Do you want to focus on tech (phone / tablet cases), office ( stationary, paper products, stickers) home soft textiles (curtains, duvet covers, bedsheets, rugs) or apparel (t-shirts, bags, etc) ?

Design Project 2 meets the following course outcomes:

  • Design a logo/brand
  • Create scale art and scale photos.
  • Prepare business forms with corporate identification.
  • Prepare roughs for final selection.

Artists to look at :

Think about what it means to have a “collection” marketed to different groups. Morgan Harper Nichols has really interesting collections titled things like:

  • “For the Flower Obsessed”
  • “For the Nature Lover”
  • “For the Community Leader”
  • “For the Artist”

Can you come up with a collection that makes sense for your work? Who is going to buy your work? Do your best to create collections that have unity and variety and are specific to a certain group.

Design Project 1: Design Contest

This project is first to develop the hard skills of being able to follow directions and file guidelines. In the design world, the ability to follow these guidelines is extremely important as submitted files must be within size guidelines, etc.

NISOD Poster Contest

PBSC is a member of NISOD, a professional higher education organization.

  1. Please be sure to read all guidelines and come up with an innovative design. They are looking for “bold, fresh, colorful and modern.” Can you give them what they are looking for? Think about those words – bold, modern. What do they mean to you?
  2. Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm. (See Ellen Lupton’s book on menu and a few pages above) Highly recommend spending some time with this important textbook this semester! (Also, I’ve linked a pdf of it for FREE, so no excuses!)

3. Download their logo and follow all color and size specs. Be sure to follow “what not to include” in case you wanted to fill it with cacti!

4. Get to work.

5. Edit, revise + repeat! (are you following guidelines?)

6. Submit final files to Canvas Assignment #1 as if you were submitting them to the contest.

This project, while you might not think is incredibly creatively open, is excellent practice for real-life job applications. (And your unique creativity will be able to SHINE in the next 3 projects)

My personal favorite design are the 2019 and 2016 winners.

Project meets the following course outcomes:

  • Using a logo and brand guidelines to produce a unique poster design
  • Understanding and use of color / artwork specs
  • Design brief and knowledge of how to submit files

First Day Hello -Jan. 24

I will meet you on Zoom via our Canvas on Monday, Jan. 24 at 8 a.m. Please note the later date according to the college calendar of being closed for MLK Day.

Happy first day of Virtual SPRING 2022 semester… Today we will go over the syllabus, our proposed projects, options for online tutorials and any technical questions you might have. Please be sure to look at our syllabus, which you can find here .

We will be using the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) so please have those downloaded and ready to go! If you need help accessing your account, please let me know.

Please stay posted as I design our class blog. Follow along and log on from home to access assignments, due dates and links to inspiring designers.

It is very important that you keep up with your projects as well as participate in our virtual critiques- not only for the benefit of your grade, but for your greater benefit towards becoming professional graphic designers!

I’m looking forward to a great semester!

Best, Prof. Miller

What to expect in terms of method of working: We will use this website for all class assignments, host critiques via Canvas Zoom , as well as have at least one “half-way” check in on each assignment.

And FYI – you can email me ANYTIME for feedback, technical assistance, or just to say hello 😉

Welcome to our first day of class!

We will go over the following logistical things: syllabus, examples/projects,

Semester Projects: 

  1. Professional Practices Poster Contest
  2. Society 6: Shop + Sell
  3. Gallery Branding + Brochure
  4. Travel Poster Design Ad Campaign